Saturday, May 23, 2009

OBSラジオ「朝感」取材の報告 Live interview with OBS radio station


On Thursday morning this week, Yukiko Arakane from OBS (Oita Broadcasting System) radio came to the Center to interview me. Around 9:00, I was called to the director's office for a prelimary discussion, followed by a 4-minute interview that was broadcasted live on OBS radio's Chokan (朝感) show around 9:30. (Chokan, by the way, is a play on words; it's a homophone to 朝刊, meaning "morning edition," but the show's name means "morning feelings" or "morning impressions.") It was a relatively short interview so we couldn't fit much in, but the general flow of questions went like this: what brought me to Oita in the first place, why I applied to the school, what I am struggling with most at school now, what I'll do after I graduate, and whether there are any bamboo crafts in the US. They also put up a picture and a blurb from the interview on their blog. Notice in the photo we're holding the mutsume morikago that we trainees are currently working on (I'm holding the model; Arakane-san is holding one I'm half finished). I'll translate the article for you here:

From America...
Topic Car blog, May 21, 2009 (Thursday)

Stephen, from America, was admitted to the Oita Prefecture Bamboo Craft Training and Support Center (Beppu City). Stephen became interested in bamboo crafts when he saw bamboo material being processed. Learning bamboo crafts is fun, but it's painful sitting on the wooden floor, he says. He spoke energetically about how he wants to continue working in bamboo crafts even after completing the one-year program. We all hope he'll help spread bamboo crafts in America. Everyone, please check out Stephen's blog too.

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