Sunday, February 7, 2010

(*変更)修了作品展のお知らせ Announcement: Graduating Works Exhibition


会場:「トキワわさだタウン」1階 中央通り、〒870-1198 大分市大字玉沢





Special assignments in mid-production.

Trainees of the Oita Prefectural Bamboo Craft and Training Support Center will soon be holding their graduating exhibition. If you're in the Oita city area, please stop by to check out or buy our baskets. Details are as follows:

Date and Time: February 27 - 28
Place: Tokiwa Wasada Town, main hallway on the first floor

Feb. 27, 10AM - 8PM
Feb. 28, 10AM - 5PM

Basic assignments (Kikuzoko basket and Sumitori kago) will be sold starting at 10 AM on both days.

Special assignments (18 unique bamboo products made by the trainees) will be displayed during the entire two days. Special assignments will be sold by reservation at 11AM on Saturday, and will be handed over to buyers at the end of the exhibition on Sunday. A lottery will be held when more than one buyer per basket is present.

We'll also have bamboo splitting demonstrations. Hope you can come!


    After Keiji and I enjoyed reading ALL your learning experience bamboo basket...From day one!!!
    Wish we could be there...not way the economy going in USA...Unless we won Lottery!
    Plan to stay in Japan? Or returning to American?
    Keiji and Stefani Oshima

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  3. Thank you both for your compliments. I've come a long way since my first time splitting bamboo while wearing rubber gloves back in April last year, but it feels like that was only a few months ago.

    After school ends I plan to continue the blog, reporting on my continued studies in bamboo basketry. Caitlyn and I will have our wedding in the US this coming October, so we plan to move back to her home town of Albuquerque in August. From there I'm not sure how my bamboo project will develop but I'll continue making baskets and start the long journey of designing my own. Not to mention, we also hope to visit you guys in North Carolina! Keep in touch!

  4. Congratulations! Looks like it's an amazing experience and quite an accomplishment:)